How to buy Shiba Inu coin SHIB

DOGE has been a crazy culture hit and there are a bunch of such culture-based coins taking over the world. Like you there are many folks who wanted to know how to buy SHIB. We have listed here a couple of ways — centralized and decentralized exchange options.

What is Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Coin

How to buy SHIB on Uniswap

Step 1: Buy ETH or USDT on Coinbase

Step 2: Transfer it to Metamask

Step 3: Head to Uniswap

How to but SHIB on Uniswap explained.

Step 4: Swap for SHIB

Uniswap V3 interface showing better price on V2 for SHIB token
Uniswap interface for selecting SHIB token and providing balance
Confirm dialog on Uniswap for SHIB token purchase
Metamask screenshot for SHIB token confirmation

Step 5: Celebrate the purchase

Zerion screenshot to visualize your Ethereum wallet balances

How to buy SHIB on Binance

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